expanding the science of river ecology

Fisher harvesting tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) in flooded forest under fig tree
Photo by Michael Goulding, Wildlife Conservation Society
Child fisher harvesting migratory sabalo (Brycon sp), Caquetá River, Colombia
Fisher checking handmade traps deployed along the riparian forest, Sre Ambel River, Cambodia
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Sustainable Fisheries

Many fish species in temperate, subtropical, and tropical rivers are threatened by overharvesting. Our mission is to inform science-based management strategies to achieve sustainable harvesting of inland fisheries.

Current Projects

Increasing sustainability of fisheries for resilience of Cambodian communities

This is an international, multi-disciplinary, collaborative project. The project is part of the Fish Innovations Lab managed by Mississippi State University and funded by the USAID-Feed the Future Initiative. The project combines community-based fisheries management with food processing to enhance the food security of rural communities on a coastal river in Cambodia.

Our lab developed a citizen science program to monitor harvest and develop a baseline to assess population recovery in response to implementing aquaculture and community-based fishing agreements.

Community Fisheries Assessment Tool iFISH: Check out our data visualization App for the Sre Ambel River Fishery.

Collaborators: Wes Neal and Peter Allen (Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, Mississippi State University), Thu Dihn (Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, Mississippi State University), Wes Schilling (Department of Food Sciences, Mississippi State University), Sitha Som and Alistair Mould (Wildlife Conservation Society-Cambodia), and Ratha Sorsim (Royal University of Phnom Penh-Cambodia). M.S. Students: Tony Yon and Chakriya Chum.