expanding the science of river ecology

Becoming a Fish Ecologist
Growing up in Colombia, MSU assistant professor Dr. Sandra Bibiana Correa developed a fascination for fish
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Undergraduate Research
Through hands-on field experiences our lab is training a new generation of aquatic ecologists
Knee Deep in Graduate Research
Flooded Forests are "Keystone Ecosystems" during Fish Life Cycles
Multiyear monthly sampling of larval, juvenile and adult fishes in the Pascagoula River, MS.
Evaluating Flooded Forest Fish Communities
A project founded by the Eppley Foundation for Research.
Monitoring Water Depth in Floodplain Forests
Data loggers record daily fluctuations in water level within floodplain forests of the Pascagoula River, MS.


  • August 2023: Sitha Som joined the Correa River Ecology Lab to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Welcome Sitha! Check out his profile under the lab’s Team page.
  • July 2023: PI Sandra Correa traveled to French Guiana to participate in a TV documentary series on forests worldwide and the ecological interactions that maintain them. An episode on Amazonian forests highlights her research on seed dispersal by fish.
  • June 2023: PI Sandra Correa visited Pablo Tedesco’s Lab at the University Paul Sabatier, Institute of Research for Development – Evolution and Biological Diversity, in France. We are currently collaborating on the Forest-Fisher Project sponsored by the European Union.
  • May 2023: PI Sandra Correa joined collaborators of the Forest-Fisher Project sponsored by the European Union, focusing on conservation planning for fruit-eating fish in the Amazon Basin, for a project update meeting in Braganca, Portugal.
  • Mar 2023: PI Sandra Correa was invited to give a plenary talk at the VI Colombian Meeting of Zoology, Monteria, Cordoba.  Conservación de ríos funcionales y biodiversos en el Antropoceno.
  • October 2022: Our lab completed one year of monthly sampling of larval and juvenile fish in floodplain forests of the Pascagoula River, Mississippi.
  • May 2022: Congratulations to undergraduate research assistants Haley Blische, Autumn Carroll, Alicia Waters, and graduate research assistant Laura Horowitz on their graduation from Mississippi State University’s College of Forest Resources.
  • Mar 2022: Congratulations to MS student Laura Horowitz for defending her thesis entitled “Stress response and recovery of Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops Atlanticus) to catch-and-release angling”.
  • Oct 2021: We are launching our Community Fisheries Assessment Tool iFISH. Check out our data visualization App for the Sre Ambel River Fishery, Cambodia.
  • Oct 2021: Our lab visited the Pascagoula River, Mississippi, to select sampling sites for a new project funded by the Eppley Foundation for Research investigating whether flooded forests provide critical habitat for fish in early life stages.
  • Jan 2021: Congratulations to MS student Conner Owens for defending his thesis entitled “Investigating ecological links between floodplain forests and aquatic communities“.
  • July 2020: PI Sandra Correa was invited to help lead an initiative to identify Aquatic Conservation Targets for the Amazon. This is a collaborative effort with Dr. Elizabeth Anderson (Florida International University) and Dr. Michael Goulding (The Wildlife Conservation Society) sponsored by the Moore Foundation. We are creating a network of approximately 20 scientists focusing on three teams: Amazon-Andes Connectivity, Fisheries and Aquatic Biodiversity, and Floodplain Ecosystems.
  • Feb 2020: PI Sandra Correa was invited to join the Science Panel for the Amazon, organized by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a Global Initiative for the United Nations. The goal of this Panel is to synthesize information on the state of Amazon’s ecosystems and make recommendations for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon region through a Science Report presented to the next United Nations Biodiversity Conference to be held in China in 2021.
  • Feb 2020: PI Sandra Correa and collaborators from Mississippi State University (Wes Neal, Peter Allen, Thu Dinh, Wes Schilling) and the Wildlife Conservation Society-Cambodia (Sitha Som and Simon Mahood) received an award from the USAID-Fish Innovation Lab to work on fisheries management and food security in the Sre Ambel River, a coastal river in Cambodia.
  • Jan 2020: MS student Conner Owens received a Grant in Aid of Research from the prestigious Sigma-Xi, The Scientific Research Society, to support his research on food webs in the Pascagoula River, MS.
  • Dec 2019: MS student Conner Owens received a Student Research Scholarship from the Mississippi Chapter of the American Fisheries Society to support his research on food webs in the Pascagoula River, MS.
  • Oct 2019: PI Sandra Correa received an award from the Eppley Foundation for Research to support research on riverine and estuarine food webs in the Gulf of Mexico.v

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