expanding the science of river ecology

Banner photos: 1st photo, Apaporis River, Colombian Amazon.  2sd photo, Caquetá River, Colombian Amazon. Credit to Sandra Bibiana Correa

River Ecosystem Management

Large rivers and their watersheds are intrinsically dynamic ecosystems, at both spatial and temporal scales. Worldwide, rivers are extremely important for both natural communities and human societies. Effective management is based on understanding and recognizing the complexity of these ecological systems and applying science-based methodologies to conserve their function and ecosystem services.

Educational Initiatives

Our educational initiatives in the Colombian Amazon have focused on raising awareness of the link between floodplain forests and fisheries. Fish are the most important source of protein for riverside communities, yet most people are unaware of the dependence of fish on the food and habitat provided by riparian and floodplain forests and that by eating fruit, fish help planting trees and contribute to maintaining healthy and diverse forests.